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pursuit of quality.

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

At nueva. our desire for quality and perfection spans beyond the sunglasses you see here. In developing the brand, we have become increasingly focused on delivering a superior frame to you.

"We are restless in pursuit of quality".

The desire for quality combined with adventure is metaphorically described in my pursuit of perfect waves across the corners of the globe. It's no secret that the East coast of Australia delivers some of the most consistent waves, wrapping around headland after headland. And on the Western front, we find the most raw energy that has bred some charging underground talent.

But leaving sight of shore in pursuit of new experiences and waves, slowly clouded my thought process.

The snow-capped mountains hugging the old whaling town of Kaikōura in New Zealand played host to one of the most picturesque backdrops I have ever surfed. Wrapping its way around the cobblestone point and filling into the bay created a fast-paced point that lent itself to the highest lines to be drawn. A driftwood fire on the beach meant that you could defrost your fingers on the run-around while surfing late into the afternoon with almost no crowd.

After surfing up the East Coast of New Zealand, I was eager to find some warmer waters and booked one of a select few weekly flights to a small island in the pacific where I had plans to catch up with some friends. After letting go of all expectations to get good waves, I was shocked to find a right-hand point break reminiscent of Lennox or Noosa. I could not have timed my time on the island more perfectly. A fast-paced right hander that hugs the rocks and provides for a quick barrel before closing out, provided no room for error. Although fickle at best, we scored waves for a week-long, timing our daily arrival to the bay in sync with tidal movements.

A hop, skip and jump across the Indian ocean lead me to the shores of Portugal. The eucalypt trees were a stark reminder of home in Western Australia. Equally reminiscent were waves of Coxos. A fast, hollow and powerful right-hand point break with a gnarly rock jump – time it wrong and you will pay. Jagged rocks and barnacles made timing of the essence but all that sweeter after scoring some of the most fun waves yet. Coxos was another one of those waves that leant itself to some real hard rail to rail surfing.

Across the Alboran sea lies the most culturally rich and wave ridden coast I have found on my journey. A contrast to my time in the pacific, Morocco was a euphoric experience. Rich colours and patterns contrasted with the cold and dry Saharan desert. My longing to visit this beautiful country spans for longer than I could remember. If Indonesia is known as the land of lefts, Morocco would be just the opposite. Every headland provided potential for waves and the town of Taghazout was a smorgasbord of right hand point breaks. Spanning some 20 kilometers of coastline, we found ourselves parking the 2WD rental in front of an empty world class point every day. The trip fulfilled every frontside desire I ever had and was the epitome in my pursuit of quality waves.

We hope that in bringing nueva. to you, you too could see, touch and experience our pursuit of quality and perfection.

by Marcus van der Vyver

nueva. Co-Founder

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