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people of nueva. Catch up with acoustic roots musician, Callum Vincent.

We recently caught up with local West Australian acoustic roots musician, Callum Vincent to talk about his soothing vocals, the stories behind his music, and his recent work trip to remote Australia. Not to mention his love of surfing!

1. You recently worked in a remote community in Western Australia, how did you find this experience?

I love working remotely in the Pilbara! The communities are so special and unique, filled with such a diverse array of characters you meet along the way. I love the remoteness of it and being completely surrounded by nature for hundreds of kilometers. I love experiencing so much local culture that is so vastly different from our own, yet right on our doorstep!

With all of the positivesm there comes the difficulties. Such as the isolation from friends, family and the society you have become so comfortable in. These challenges ultimately make us stronger and better people, so I'm always up for the challenge! There is always something to learn and be a part of and I think I will continue to be drawn back to the desert for the rest of my life. It is a part of me now.

2. Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

I like to think that my inspiration for my music comes from all aspects of my life and the lessons I am learning along the way. Reading over my lyrics, I seem to focus a lot on incorporating messages and ideas that I have learnt about keeping life simple and making the most of it. I feel happy with the idea that perhaps someone that is listening to my music will feel inspired to make positive changes in themselves and their lives. Most of the time I write based on very recent experiences and tend to struggle more when trying to write music based on events that have passed some time ago.

3. Tell us about your single "The Other Side". Particularly the lyrics mention; "He's been a traveller all his life" - what is the meaning behind these words?

I wrote 'The Other Side' when I was out working in the community. It is a story based on a man living out in the desert and his love for his land and his home.

The Other Side refers to the other side of the hills that sit outside of the community and as you drive over the hills you can see home on the horizon. 'He's been a traveller all his life' refers to the nomadic lifestyle that people live out there and the vast amount of country that they travel, even on foot. Even when they are travelling long distances in vehicles for different reasons, it highlights the longing to always want to return home to the place they know they belong and are most happy and at peace.

4. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, did you travel often? What is your favourite local West Australian travel destination?

I love travelling! My partner, Janiece and I have spent quite a bit of time working in remote Indonesia and through Portugal and Morocco. I always come back with a whole new light on things and think that travelling should be a part of everyone's life. Since the pandemic, I have spent a lot more time exploring the Western Australian coastline which has been incredible!

We are so lucky over here. To pick a favourite WA destination is pretty difficult but I think I have always been drawn to Denmark. It's just so green and peaceful, I hope it stays that way! I'd love to retire down there on a big property and live self-sufficient.

5. How do you enjoy the outdoors?

Surfing, fishing, surfing, skating and SURFING! haha, if there isn't any waves I'll spend my time down the beach anyway for a swim with the dog. I'm not sure what I would do without surfing. That's probably the only other downside to working in a remote community in the Pilbara... no waves!!

6. What is your view on eco-conscious and environmentally friendly business practices?

I think it should be standard across everything! I know that's very idealistic, but with the world these days and the copious amounts of massive companies running businesses into the ground with unethical, damaging approaches, I think it is important now more than ever to support eco-conscious and environmentally friendly businesses, big and small. Anything that is working towards a more sustainable future I am all for. I hope the younger generations feel empowered to push more towards these ways of running the world.

If you would like to get a taste of Callum's music, check him out on spotify, or follow along on his journey through his instagram:

Until next time.

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