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meet co-founder and waterman, Marcus!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We recently sat down with one of our founders and waterman, Marcus, to chat about his love of the ocean and future aspirations for nueva.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your love of the ocean.

What's not to love about the mystery, adventure and thrill that the ocean brings. It's my remedy! Surfing, diving, kitesurfing, boating, you name it, I love it. It brings me so much joy and happiness to be surrounded by water and if I'm not in the water I'm thinking about it. I find that being in the water often gives me the rush I chase, but on any other day it can also bring tranquility and peace of mind when I most need it.

Confession, I love listening to ambient dive music. Think of it as sounds you might put to a movie filmed in the depths of the pacific. The sounds take me to the deepest blue water imaginable and is such a good meditation tool. It's crazy how sounds can take you on a journey.

Which is your favourite water based activity?

I've tried to put my finger on this one before, but I just can't! There are so many different ways that you can immerse yourself in the ocean. Surfing will always be the draw. There's something special about drawing a clean rail across the face of a wave, or getting tubed with your mates. You can hear the sound of water rushing over you while you grab rail, its nuts! And then there's the exploration part that comes with finding new waves across this crazy beautiful world of ours.

Kitesurfing is up there too. Harnessing the wind to give you the most epic rush and hacking a few backhand whips on the local shorey is sick! I'm kinda new to this one, but hooked on chasing the wind.

Being able to catch and cook your own food from what the ocean has to offer is an incredible feeling too. It ties in with the sustainability aspect, being able to harvest what you need and enjoying your share of what the ocean can provide.

Surfing has taken you all over the world, whats your favourite West Australian surf spot?

It has, and what a wonderful world it is! Leaving your hometown always lets you see things from a new perspective. The south-west coast of Western Australia holds a special place in my heart. The south side of Gracies would have to be my favourite little stretch of ocean.

Why did you decide to get involved with nueva.?

I find that I am always looking for a new creative outlet. nueva. is that new outlet which I am fortunate to be part of. With nueva. sunglasses we wanted to bring a new product to market. We want to combine style with affordability and quality, to bring a fresh and creative product for all to enjoy.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for nueva. sunglasses as we continue to develop our product range while being gentle to the environment.

What are your future goals with nueva.?

We‘ve always said that the goal is to see our polarised sunnies in surf shops and local retailers all over the world. We want it to be a household name when it comes to sunglasses. Sustainability, quality and affordability is what we stand for. Our sunglasses offer customers an experience without compromising the environment.

What does it mean to you to be gentle to the environment?

I think about this a lot. I am eager to continue to work alongside our designers and suppliers to set a new standard of doing things. Being gentle to the environment is more than a statement, its a conscious decision to consider the end life of our products as the starting point. I want to know that when the product and packaging comes to the end of its useful life, it wont leave a trace.

Thank you for sharing!

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