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caring for your nueva. sunglasses.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The way you care for and handle your sunglasses will affect their longevity and durability.

Each nueva. frame comes with a hard case for safe storage and a microfibre pouch for cleaning and safekeeping inside the hard case.

To clean and care for your nueva. sunglasses, we recommend following these simple steps.


With some regular cleaning, your nueva. sunglasses can be kept looking just the way they did on the day you bought them. Simply use the microfibre pouch provided to wipe off any greasy marks or fingerprints. Never use your t-shirt or tissue paper as this may cause micro scratches on the lenses. 

If you’ve been enjoying the outdoors and you find your sunglasses covered in dust, sea salt or sweat, simply give your sunglasses a rinse under some fresh tap water. Shake your sunglasses to get rid of the excess water then give them a wipe with the microfibre pouch. You can also consider using warm soapy water to get rid of excessive dirt, grease, or grime.


We recommend always storing your sunglasses inside the microfibre pouch and inside the hard case. Never leave your sunglasses in direct sunlight and always store in room temperature.

Thank you for choosing nueva.

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